At the College of Health Professions (COHP) UTRGV, our mission is to “be the leading institution of excellence in health and human services, education, health care, and research, producing highly skilled practitioners, educators, and researchers through high-quality educational programs, meaningful experiential learning opportunities and the development of scientific and intellectual inquiry for the promotion of health equity in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.” As a student in our College, your academic, professional, and personal success is key to our mission.

The modules introduce you to professionalism, the soft skills individuals should possess to distinguish themselves as professionals who conduct themselves with “responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence.” The following modules will introduce you to the values and characteristics that define a UTRGV student in general and a health professional in particular. They will also provide you with information about UTRGV resources that are available to ensure your success.

We have organized all the information into three units. They are Unit 1, Academic Foundations, Unit 2, Skills Towards Professionalism, and Getting Ready for A Career. Unit 3, Explore Your Career Readiness, and, Professional Development After Graduation. We hope that such a layout helps to scaffold and prepare you as a student here at CoHP and toward becoming a professional. Let us know any feedback associated with this work you would like to provide. Email us at healthprofessionsinfo@utrgv.edu.

For your convenience, below is a quick review of the modules within each unit.

Unit 1 My Academic Foundations

  • Chapter 1: Honor Professional Student Conduct and Professional Conduct in Health Professions
  • Chapter 2: What Is Academic Integrity and Associated Dishonesty Sanctions
  • Chapter 3: Recognize Plagiarism and How To Avoid It
  • Chapter 4: Do I Need Accommodations? Understand Student Accessibility Services
  • Chapter 5: Confirm Student Etiquette at COHP and Best Practices
  • Chapter 6: Know UTRGV Policies and Learn About CBC
  • Chapter 7: Embrace Holistic Wellness
  • Chapter 8: Polish My Studying Skills

Unit 2 Skills Towards Professionalism and Getting Ready for My Career

  • Chapter 9: Decide My Major and Minor
  • Chapter 10: Why Do I Need a Road Map?
  • Chapter 11: Student Support Services Delivered
  • Chapter 12: Advice from Students Who Have Graduated
  • Chapter 13: Begin to Search My Future Career

Unit 3 Explore My Career Readiness

  • Chapter 14: Understand Critical Thinking for Healthcare Career and Readiness
  • Chapter 15: Navigate Networking and Inter-professional Education/Inter-professional Collaboration
  • Chapter 16: Step Into Interviews
  • Chapter 17: Prepare My Professional Profile
  • Chapter 18: Exceed the Expectations and Maintain Work-Life Balance

CoHP Student Success Team (CoHPSST)

All members of the team contributed to this work equally. Here are all the members in alphabetical order:

Suad Ghaddar

Keri Gonzalez

Murat Karabulut

Amparo Jaramillo

Fidencio Mercado

Zelma Mata

Blanca Robles

Sonya Salinas

Lin Wang

Manuel Zavala


CoHPSST would like to acknowledge UTRGV UNIV faculty Marilyn Hagerty and Michelle Alvarado for their input into the development, undertaking review, and piloting of the resource. We would also like to acknowledge the UTRGV librarian Justin White for his endless support in making this material available through Pressbooks.



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